There is one script in adapya-entirex that can be run on the command line. It accepts Unix style parameters. A help page is shown with the help option. - EntireX Broker CIS Services

The command line script is a client service explorer of the webMethods EntireX Broker CIS Services.

Only a selection of the available fields is shown (see *_FIELDS)

This covers the Broker API for Command and Information Services V9.7


cmdinfo [options]


-h, --help              display this help
-b, --broker ..         id of broker ETBxxxxx or hostname:port

-c, --class ..          Broker server class (selector)
-d  --detail            info request detailed conversation/uows
-n, --name ..           Broker server name (selector)
-k, --token ..          Token
-m, --maxinfo ..        Receive buffer length - default 32768
-o, --option ..         Option: QUIESCE, IMMED (first char suffices)
-p, --puid              Physical user id (selector)
-q, --seqno <int>       Sequence number (selector)
-s, --service ..        Broker service (selector)
                          short: -s class/server/service
-i, --infouid ..        user id for broker communication
-u, --userid ..         user id for information on active clients (selector)
-v, --convid ..         conversation id (selector)
-w, --uowid ..          unit of work (selector)
-x, --password ..       password
-t, --trace ..          sum of trace flags
                        1 - dump buffers before Broker call
                        2 -              after call
                        4 - print broker calls, short and data
                        8 - detailed print of buffers

CIS commands (default command: info)

-S, --shutdown          needs parameters convid or service or seqno (for server)
                         or userid/puid/token for client
-P, --purge <uowid>     psf remove uow from persistent store
-T, --btrace <level>    Broker trace on level 1-8, 0 switch off


  1. show all services for broker class REPTOR and server MMSERV and related conversations, units of work and servers; show clients starting with userid MM show general broker information first:

    > cmdinfo -b zos3:3800 -u MM -s REPTOR/MMSERV/*
  2. shutdown a participant identified by userid / a service / a conversation:

    > cmdinfo -b zos3:3800 -Su OUT4_Reader
                           -Ss REPTOR/MMSERV/OUT4
                           -Sv 1290000000000105