Package Reference

broker is a Python interface to Webmethods EntireX Broker

The module loads the EntireX Broker stub:

  • broker.dll for 64-bit Python otherwise broker32.dll (on Windows)

  • shared library (on Unix) defines the Broker class using the Advanced Communication interface (ACI) for communicating with the EntireX broker.

class'localhost', user_id='monty', token=None, receive_length=2048, send_length=2048)[source]

Defines the essential Broker ACI functions using the Etbcb. For reference see EntireX Broker ACI Programming.


Backout UOW but continue conversation


Commit UOW but continue conversation


Commit UOW and end conversation


A server can deregister a service from EntireX Broker


A client or server can terminate one or more conversations. This is the EOC function in ACI terms


Determine Broker kernel version


Terminate communication with Broker kernel

logon(password=None, newpassword=None)[source]

Establish communication with a Broker kernel

receive(conv_id='', option=0, wait='')[source]

Used by clients to receive incoming messages and by servers to receive incoming requests


Receive any message from new conversation


Used by servers to inform EntireX Broker that a service is available

send(conv_id='', option=0)[source]

Used by clients to send requests and servers to send replies


Function allows to manage Units of Work (UOWs)


Remove messages that have been sent out but not received


return the version of the EntireX Broker Stub

exception, etb)[source]

Subclass of BrokerException for Broker Error Responses

exception, etb)[source]

Instance will have set the following values:

self.value is the EXX Broker response string

self.etb is the Broker ACI call parameters that were used when

the error occurred

Example on how to call it:

    raise BrokerException(value,etb)
except BrokerException as e:
    adalog.warning('BrokerException', e.value, e.__class__)
exception, etb)[source]

Subclass of BrokerException for timeouts of requests to Broker

class, receive_length=0, use_api_version=7, **kw)[source]

Defines Broker control block with its attributes and Broker call()

exception, etb)[source]

Subclass of BrokerException for Broker Interface Errors

class'', user_id='', server_class='', server_name='', service='')[source]

Defines parameters for a Broker service

cmdinfo interface to Webmethods EntireX Broker CIS Services and service explorer

Only a selection of the available fields is shown (see _FIELDS)

This covers the Broker API for Command and Information Services V9.7

Usage: cmdinfo [options]


-h, --help              display this help
-b, --broker ..         id of broker ETBxxxxx or hostname:port

-c, --class ..          Broker server class (selector)
-d  --detail            info request detailed conversation/uows
-n, --name ..           Broker server name (selector)
-k, --token ..          Token
-m, --maxinfo ..        Receive buffer length - default 32768
-o, --option ..         Option: QUIESCE, IMMED (first char suffices)
-p, --puid              Physical user id (selector)
-q, --seqno <int>       Sequence number (selector)
-s, --service ..        Broker service (selector)
                          short: -s class/server/service
-i, --infouid ..        user id for broker communication
-u, --userid ..         user id for information on active clients (selector)
-v, --convid ..         conversation id (selector)
-w, --uowid ..          unit of work (selector)
-x, --password ..       password
-t, --trace ..          sum of trace flags
                        1 - dump buffers before Broker call
                        2 -              after call
                        4 - print broker calls, short and data
                        8 - detailed print of buffers

CIS commands (default command: info)

-S, --shutdown          needs parameters convid or service or seqno (for server)
                         or userid/puid/token for client
-P, --purge <uowid>     psf remove uow from persistent store
-T, --btrace <level>    Broker trace on level 1-8, 0 switch off


1. show all services for broker class REPTOR and server MMSERV
   and related conversations, units of work and servers;
   show clients starting with userid MM
   show general broker information first::

     > cmdinfo -b zos3:3800 -u MM -s REPTOR/MMSERV/*

2. shutdown a participant identified by userid, service and/or conversation::

     > cmdinfo -b zos3:3800 -Su OUT4_Reader
                            -Ss REPTOR/MMSERV/OUT4
                            -Sv 1290000000000105
exception adapya.entirex.cmdinfo.CISError(value, epa)[source]
Example use:

info = cis.iget(…)

except CISError as e:
if e.epa.cishdr.error_code == x:


CIS error: %s on %s/%s/%s’ %(e.value,


class adapya.entirex.cmdinfo.Cishdr(**kw)[source]
class adapya.entirex.cmdinfo.Cisreq(**kw)[source]

Reset values of the CIS Request instance

class adapya.entirex.cmdinfo.Infreq(**kw)[source]

Information request Structure Class


reset values of the Information Request instance